13 Pin Wired Socket 1.5M Cable

13 Pin Wired Socket 1.5M Cable

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13 Pin Pre-Wired Socket Can be Fitted to your Car for the Connection of Caravan / Trailer Towing Electrics The 13 pin wiring system is now standard on European Caravans, 2009 model UK caravans and most European cars.

  • Strong Moulded body with water seals, and gasket and convenient screw terminals for simple replacement of a damaged socket on your car.
  • Pre-wired with 1.5M of high specification 12 core cable (pin 12 is not used for caravan electrics) with copper conductors 7 x 1.5mm2 and 5 x 2.5mm2 the full specified wire size for battery charging.
  • Manufactured in Europe and designed to comply with international standard ISO 11446.
  • May also be used to convert old 12N & S vehicle installations to the new standard.
  • Supplied with wiring instructions and advice on connection.


  • Pin 1 Yellow L/H indicator
  • Pin 2 Blue Fog lamps
  • Pin 3 White Earth return Pin 4 Green R/H Indicator
  • Pin 5 Brown R/H Tail lamps
  • Pin 6 Red Stop lights
  • Pin 7 Black L/H Tail lamps
  • Pin 8 Reversing Light
  • Pin 9 Permanent + 12V supply
  • Pin 10 Ignition switched +12V supply
  • Pin 11 Earth return for pin
  • 10 Pin 12 No allocation
  • Pin 13 Earth return for pin 9

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